elaineI am currently a Social Media Manager for a national restaurant company that oversees five brands. Combined, these five brands total over 400 restaurant locations internationally (corporate & franchises combined).  As Social Media Manager, I manage everything related to social media strategy including managing the brands’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest accounts as well as brand blogs, formulating effective email campaigns, managing the brands’ websites as well as online promotions, all while ensuring the brands stay ahead of the social media curve. My experience dates back to 2001 when I started my first blog and I have been an early adopter of all things related to social media.

On a more personal level…I am also a freelance photographer, love to travel, am a dog lover, bilingual, a child of the ’80s, a native Houstonian, a proud Texas Aggie and a Cuban-American.

I started up this blog to occasionally post my thoughts and insights on best practices for how business should use social media. I feel I have a unique perspective in that I am a business user myself, not a vendor trying to sell you the metrics software or the latest reputation management software. In fact, I approach social media very organically seeing that I entered the business-side of social media not from a marketing background but from the the perspective of an avid personal user.

I hope you find some of my ramblings useful and please – leave me feedback and reach out. That is what social media is all about!

Oh – and please check me out around the web:


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